Baliyatra: The Foodies Paradise

The baliyatra festival in cuttack is a pleasure to all the foodies who visit this fair every year. Whether it be pizzas, burgers, chowmeins or the traditional all time favourites thunkapuris, dahi vada-aloo dum, gupchups; the mouth watering delicacies are simply irresistible.
If one thinks that the craze for the traditional food items as thunkapuri has deteriorated, one has to see the fair in order to believe it. The traditional food items hold a special place in the hearts of the people compared to Chinese or any other fast foods. There are hoards of stalls that come up every year with new delicacies but those do not match the conventional taste of thunkapuris and dahi vada-dum aloo. “The new stalls of fast foods and Chinese tensed in the beginning, but later on we saw that people were enjoying the thunkapuris as much as the others”, said an owner of a thunkapuri stall.
These stall owners do a business of around rupees 50,000 or so during the baliyatra festival. They are overwhelmed by the response of the people and thus even try to experiment with their menus by introducing some festival special items as well as offers in order to attract customers. Several restaurant owners also put up their stalls and make sure to include the items which are customer favourites.
A college student remarks “me and my friends come to this festival specially to enjoy the foods that we get during this period, some of which are not available all the time.” Besides the handlooms, handicrafts and several other artistic attractions, enjoying the different delicacies are a must for the visitors. Even the increasing prices of the food items seem to have not dampened the spirits of the people and they continue to enjoy every item with great enthusiasm. The festive spirits of the people do not even let them bother about the hygienic conditions although the stall owners also try to maintain their stalls clean.
The festival surely is a paradise for the people who have an appetite and also for those who love to experiment with their taste buds. In case you have not yet tried the tangy gupchups or the sweet and sour dahi vadas, you are surely missing out a mouth-watering opportunity.

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