Raghurajpur : an abode of talents

The villages of India have their own identities. They are an abode of rich and diverse heritage. One such village that occupies a unique place in the map of India is Raghurajpur, in Puri district. The village is located on the banks of river bhargavi and is surrounded by several tropical trees as mango, jackfruit groves, palm etc.
The idyllic setting is the first thing to strike your eyes once you enter the village. The village has its own distinct identity. According to the villagers, tourists from all across the country and outside throng this village to have a view of the rural arts and crafts of Odisha.
All the households prepare different types of art and every individual has his or her expertise over the artwork. These artworks are a source of income for all the families, from which they are able to pay the interests on the loans given by the government.
The craft works or paintings and other works bore their themes to the mythological stories especially those of lord Krishna, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Different communities of artisans produce different kinds of handicraft items as patta paintings, paper-machey toys, wood carvings, stonecarvings etc. Some of the artisans are also winners of National Awards.
These artworks not only keep the adults of the household involved in this work but also the children. Prasanna Kumar Sahu, sixteen years old boy started painting on palm leaves when he was fourteen. He learnt this work of art from the elders of his family. A student of class tenth, he works all through the day in his shop and studies at night. He aspires to become a national level artist. In order to fulfill his aspirations he had sent his works to several governmental organizations but was rejected due to the age factor.
There are many such talents like Prasanna in Raghurajpur who have not had the adequate means to showcase their talents. They have to depend on the number of tourist that visit the village round the year. The government organizations should make a serious effort in promoting these talents so that they do not go unnoticed.

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