For the past few months i have been thinking of writing something on my blog. Whenever I switched on my laptop, and opened a new microsoft word document, words just refused to flow out of my mind. It seemed my mind was all blocked. No ideas, nothing, i just sat in front of my laptop looking at the screen and wondering what to write.
Days turned into months but words refused to flow. Today, a few minutes back I got a call from my friend, (whom I was actually thinking of at that very moment)and don't know what? just what struck inside my mind and I thought lets open the blog directly and start typing something!! Atleast I would get some worthy writing even if it is not great enough!
I dont care whether whatever I am writing now is even making sense to anyone, all what I know is the fact that I felt like writing and that's why I wrote. In the past few days I read certain blogs on WRITING. One of those posts had mentioned that when you want to write just don't let it stop, go ahead take a piece of paper, pen or whatever means you have for writing and just write. If you are unable to write beyond a single line then call it a day and if you think you can go on and on then just don't stop until you are tired.
Guess that's whats happening with me right now. People create blogs for many purposes, one of them being able to express their opinions. This post of mine is somewhat related to that purpose.
A friend of mine read my blogs for the first time and said that why don't you write something humorous. You posts are mainly serious, you should try writing something humorous that might make the person reading your blog feel happy:) But "humour" is just not my cup of tea. That does not mean that I am a boring person, I do enjoy laughing to others jokes but somehow the humour angle does not come to my writings at all. Now what I am writng at the moment might be humorous for me but not for the people who will be reading it.
Anyway, I think I should get such wierd attacks everyday, then might be that I will start writing on my blog evryday on any random thing.
In the end, I would just like to thank my friend whose one random call made me write randomly on my blog:)

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