Have You ever thought?
Why is there so much pain in the world?
Why do people lose their life every second?
Why there is no one to stop these mis-happenings?
Why are we being victimized for no reason?

Fever and anger grip our minds,
We wait for someone who will let these unwind,
Yet, no one comes to our rescue.
Why?? Because everyone is busy in their own lives
Who cares, What happens to us,
Consolation needs to be brought alone by us.

Have you ever seen the world outside??
God has created it to be enjoyed,
But, It has lost its beauty from inside.

Who are we to be blamed?
Nobody knows,
Maybe our concern should be
to stop the chaos,
Yet we wait for others to take a step
Despite having courage worth so.

It's high time
Let's just begin,
A new day
A new world
A new life,
Let's light up the candle on our own
At the end of every tunnel,
With a vision of our own
For and by us!!!

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