The "Edit" page

The editorial page of a newspaper is one platform where not only the columnists express their viewpoints but also the common people who read the newspaper. It is also a page which is read but by very few people or only those who are in a habit of reading that page regularly or wish to improve their knowledge about the given opinion that comes in the paper.

Even i had been a part of this group. But offlate I started reading the editorial pages very carefully not because I plan to increase my knowledge or something but in order to learn how to make the page and sub letters. It's interesting to read the letters that the readers sent to express their viewpoint. While, some are sent just for the heck of it and some to actually express point on an issue.

The editorial page might look very interesting to the readers when they read it, but if one sees the amount of pain that goes into selecting letters for the column, one might change the view. I always thought that writing letters to the editorial column are fun and whats more to add to it if you see your name in the paper.

But it is disappointing for many of those who send regular letters to the editor but do not see their letters published. It might baffle the person sending letters as to whats the reason behind such ignorance. Well Well!! its not ignorance, its just certain policies and terms of certain organisations that they need to follow while publishing letters!

Why am I writing so? because this is what I learnt as well while doing the Editorial page. While the norms and policies of my organisation are way beyond anyones understanding, I am sure such policies do not exist in any other newspaper organisation. And if they do exist then I don't know where the common man will be able to exhibit their opinion without any issues.

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