Hidden Somewhere

Sitting alone, staring at the sky
I gaze at stars,
The dark night stares at me
With a darkness so profound
I shield myself
Wandering my eyes from here to there,
Finding a way out of the darkness.

The more I try
The more the darkness envelops me,
I shout out loud but to no avail,
The dark night is too dark to let my voice be heard.

I feel a void, a void that needs to fill,
How? I have no answer to this
I try as hard as I can, to avoid the void
But it refuses to just let go off me.

I shut my mind to everything around me,
I need solace but it eludes me,
It plays a game of hide and seek.
Once hidden, it just refuses to be seen.

Where am I? Where is my true self?
I search, search through those dark corners
through the void
through the solace
but, my true self is nowhere near to me.

Can You find me?
find my true self?
Find the happiness for me?
the happiness that goes away just like the solace.

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