Once Again!

So after a long wait, i take to writing this blog post. I don't know what took me so long to write. Writing is something which I always wanted to do and loved doing it. However, off late, I have become 'lazy' to even sign into my blog accounts to write something.

I open the laptop, open the MS Word doc and then close it again without 'saving' anything in the document. Why? I do not know. Never before had I taken aversion to writing. It is not that I do not want to write. But it is this laziness that has struck big time and hard. I had so many things to write. So many things to share. However never took the courage to pen down anything. Everything became a 'tweet' or a 'Facebook' status!

I still ask myself what is it that is stopping me from writing. I know, if i wish to, I can write and that too very well. However, if I take a long sabbatical from writing, my ideas will fade through just like my memories. And, I do not want that. For fading away of ideas is something i dread a lot.

So, today after five months, I log into my blog account, only to write again. I know this post may read as nothing unusual but at the end of the day, it is something for me, which I have finally penned down. And, I hope with this post, I will be able to pen down even more and on a regular basis.

I say that again, because, until I started writing this post; my mind was restless. I was upset, wanted to run away somewhere far off. However, writing, yet again brought me the solace. I could 'speak' to my colleagues. I could throw the 'smile' without forcing myself to do so. I could vent out something of the everything that was going on in my mind. And, I hope to continue with the same.

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