The Happiness Within!

My blogs earlier used to be either poetry or my comments on something related to what's happening around the world. But now I have realised, after seeing other blogs as well that I should write on anything and everything under the sun! Till the time, they are my own, what's the big deal about it!

This post I dedicate towards 'Happiness." Many of you who will read this post might wonder what's wrong with this writer, why is she writing about something many people would have already written, re-written, shared about! But that's what my blog is all about. I don't care if someone has already written about the post I write today. For what I care is, I will write something.

I have always wondered about that one moment when a person feels 'happy to the core." Happiness can come from anything and everything. We just need to look around and see. We can be happy when we are home. We can be happy when we are at work. We can be happy when with family and friends; We can be happy when stuck in a lonely corner with a book and a cup of tea or coffee. What really matters is, how, where and when do we find this happiness?

It is not necessary that we feel happy at every given point of time. But to feel happy even at the saddest moments in life shows how strong we are. I feel happy, when I sing, when I write even if it is crap, when I talk over phone to my parents, when I spend time with my husband, and even when I am at work. However, there are times when howsoever hard I try, i cannot force myself to be happy. Precisely then comes the point that happiness needs to be in sync with your mind.

Our mind and heart are too fickle and maybe the root cause of all the confusions, sadness or happiness in our lives. I am happy one moment and the other moment, tears trickle down my eyes for god knows what all reasons. However, I feel that's a part and parcel of life. We cannot be happy always. For god also wants us to feel every emotion in equal ways! And, I have realised the same as well.

I shall laugh, live, cry, yell, dream, dance, sing, read and do everything I want to keep myself happy and also to move myself away from the sadness that keeps shrouding me and my mind every now and then. And, what better than writing a blog!!! The best way to vent out your emotions without any hurdle and without anyone "blocking" you from doing so!

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