In Continuity

You don't need anyone to tell you to write. But more often than not, there is something in the mind that pops up and we end up writing about it. It can be anything. From a poetry, to a travel writing, to a book review, to opinions and comments, and so and so forth. There have been times when I have read a piece, a news, an article, a book, and have felt writing what I personally feel about the topics written or discussed in the read matter. But, there is something that resists me from writing that down!

With the social media becoming so advanced that an 400 word article can be posted in merely two or three lines as a Facebook status or Tweet, the days when you actually sat down by the window side, sipped through a cuppa coffee and poured your heart out in a diary or a laptop, seem long gone. May be not for many. Off late, I have been reading a few blogs where the author has written about what s/he feels about something that is bothering him/her personally. By reading those blogs, you get the sense that the person is not only pouring his or her heart out but is also giving you an insight into what all you can do with your blog.

Blog gives you the space that may be even your Facebook status or Twitter wouldn't provide. By space, i mean the length at which you can go on writing about something you strongly feel for. Come to think of it, once you start writing, your fingers do the talking and the mind just flows with it. Presently, when I write this blog, its not that I am at home having a leisure time. Rather, I am at work. It might seem strange to someone reading this that how can I multi-task like this. But it isn't strange to me. For I thought I should start writing something that might go on as it is with the flow. I did not want to stop. SO, I continued, and I may continue to write another post!

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