I was never like this, she thought
But then what made me be so, she wondered
If it was not for my own sake, she asked
Why would have I done so, she said.

I was never so, she reiterated
But you made me think from your perspective, she pondered
I should have listened to my heart, she grieved
Not that I do not have time to change, she wondered
I shall introspect because I need to,
or else, I shall repent, she thought.

I hear screams and laughs,
I dare not ask why, she shivered
But what if I dared,
Will that be against your law? she wondered
Her mind wandered from one to another thought,
Yet she could not conclude.

I was never like this, she thought
I grew up on positive thoughts,
I groomed myself as per my wish, she said
How could I let go of my own self?
For I had nothing to lose, nothing to gain, she pondered.

Here I am yet again, alone
Where I was, Where I shall always be
Yet, I long for that one moment
When I could say,
Happiness is not beyond my expectations,
Then Why do you elude me, she asked
No, don't go away, she begged
For I have changed enough for you,
Now that you have decided to bid me goodbye,
I let you go,
Since my happiness is within.

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