An Abstract Touch To Make My Home Beautiful

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The yellow door round oil burner 
In a quaint corner of the house, I sit with my favorite author and a cup of tea. On any other day, I would prefer to sit besides the window, stare outside and at the same time, be engulfed in the thoughts of the book that I hold.

Today, its been raining. And, quite heavily. I am left with no option but to sit on the bed and switch on the light to read. It is extremely dark outside, thanks to the dark clouds hovering above my apartment building.

Just as I am about to switch on the light, the power goes off. Disappointed that I may no longer be able to finish my favorite author's book, I open the windows to let some fresh air breeze in. As I look beyond the horizon, staring, pondering and just smelling the wet earth; my husband comes in.

Knowing very well that how much I love to read and all, he suggests me the most brilliant idea, which I could not have fathomed on my own. :-) While he was busy surfing something on the net, he came across this beautiful piece. The suggestion was obvious. Let's revamp our bedroom. Being a person, who loves to decorate the house with the best possible showpieces, cases, photo frames, lamps, vases, sofas etc; I haven't been able to experiment much with the design of my house off late.

However, this yellow door round oil burner was too hard to ignore. I could picture my room perfectly. Sitting cozily on the bed with my favorite author and cup of tea, as the clouds roar outside and the rains play a different tune on my window, this oil burner lights up my room just the way I want- dim, beautiful and serene. The perfect makeover- an abstract touch to my room.

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