Books are man's best friend, Indeed

I happened to read this beautiful poem on Facebook. It had been shared by a publishing house' Facebook page. I just thought I ought to share this with everyone here. 
The past few days had been a tumultuous one for my family. How grave a natural calamity can be, is realized only when one of your loved ones is a witness or sufferer of that. (I shall write about this at length in my other posts)
There might have been several moments in your life too, when you had been let down, when you didn't know what to do at the moment, when the people around you would leave no stone unturned in bringing you down. It is those very moments when that small paperback tucked somewhere in the corner of your shelf gives you the breathing space. The small paperback that you may have been ignoring for quite some time due to your tiring schedules will give you the "right" break that you had been wanting for long. 
"Books are man's best friend." Haven't we read this so many times? It is just that how much we apply this to our lives. A book opens up avenues for that long lost soul which had been desiring to go on a long sojourn. A book is something that we befriend at every juncture of our life. They are your friends when you have none. They are your soulmate when you are dying to have one.
Is this post sounding too preachy? No, I don't think so. I am a writer and I love to do story telling. I realized its been too long since I wrote a post here, and what better to write something on book. There was a "Ten Books That You loved Challenge" on Facebook a couple of weeks back. My news feed was flooded with statuses shared by people. Everyone had Ten books that had made difference to their lives in some way or the other. Many even said that books can never be numbered down to a mere ten because there are many books that leave a mark on your life not just one. 
I guess that's what books are meant for. I am not a voracious reader. Yes, I admit it. But since the day I have started reading, books have become my friends like never before. As I finish this post, I feel its time I picked up that small paperback tucked in my book shelf. They are waiting for me. Meanwhile, why don't you go and wipe the dust off those yellowing pages? 

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