Food Review- Terminus 1, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

In a first, and hopefully not the last, I attempt to write a food review of the restaurant, Terminus 1. This place is located on the second level of Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Ask me about how we zeroed down to this restaurant? My friend, with whom I was going out for lunch, wanted to "try" or should I say "experiment" with food. She is a hard-core non-vegetarian and loves to experiment with food. Thanks to her acquaintances too, in office and otherwise, who have a liking like her, she doesn't spare a moment to try out places. Off late, she has become a blogger on Zomato; and thus, her culinary adventures have reached a new crescendo. So, after a lot of thought process, she finally zeroed down on this place.

As we made our way through the ever confusing ways of the mall, we finally were able to spot the restaurant. The restaurant had nice interiors with wooden flooring, live kitchen and drinks counter, a couple of briefcases and clocks adorned their walls, while the lighting was perfect- not too bright not too dim. Sorry, i didn't quite bother listening to the music being played. What we liked about the live kitchen was the fact that the cooking done by the chefs was being shown on a TV screen placed right above the kitchen wall.

(From top) Prawns Taco and Bacon Quisedilas, Devil's Kiss, and Pork Ribs

So, as we seated ourselves comfortably at one of the couches next to the grand windows, we were greeted by this ever smiling waiter, who came to assist us with the menu. Yes, almost all the staff was very courteous at the restaurant and we were quite glad about that. Despite being a Saturday afternoon, the place wasn't as crowded as it should/could have been. It turns out that they had recently opened their doors to the visitors and probably not many knew about them. Honestly, we didn't mind the restaurant to be not much crowded :-D

Coming to the spread that we ordered. After a long scanning of the menu "book" (yes, they had a menu in book style and not cards or pamphlets) we came down with some mouthwatering food delicacies, which at least read so. Later, on being served, we were glad that they tasted well too. :-) We started with Prawn Tortillas and Bacon Quesedilas, which were served along with a tangy tomato salad and a white sauce (pardon me, for being so simplistic with the food vocabulary). While my friend ordered some cocktail, I decided to go for the Mocktail, called "Devil's Kiss." Oh yeah, it was a blend of guava juice along with some basil leaves and a tinge of chilli. Buoy! that was one wonder I devoured apart from the other two starters. The tacos had a generous amount of prawns stuffed in them, but tasted a little bland; while the Bacon Quisedilas was worth every bite and quite filling as well.

We were so full by the time we finished the starters that we decided to order just one main course- Pork ribs glaced in beer sauce served with black beans, sauted veggies and boiled potatoes. Now, my friend had especially chosen this restaurant for this very specific dish. As luck would have it, the food turned out to be good as well. Though I could manage just one piece as the dish was too sweet for my otherwise spicy taste bud. I enjoyed savoring the sauted veggies and boiled potatoes instead.

Overall, this restaurant is a must try if you are visiting Ambience Mall any time of the day or night.

Here goes my rating for this place:
Food 4/5
Ambience 4.5/5
Taste 3.5/5
Courtesy of the staff 5/5

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