Book Review: by Abhimanyu Jha

Have you ever been in love? I am sure you have. Isn't that moment great? Your life takes a completely different turn, of course for better or worse that depends on how you wish to handle it. So, how does it feel to be with (wo)man of your dreams?  Ultimate. But what if you fall in love with someone whom you've never met only heard, have never touched but only heard, have never even seen but only heard? Yes, I am talking about the invisible spirit or to put it straight a Ghost!

Oops! Did I scare you? I am sorry I didn't intend to. See, love is that strong a power. It can even make you fall in love with a ghost. Especially when the ghost in question is a twenty something pretty girl who "wears shimmering blue kurta with shimmering white squares all over it, shimmering sky blue dupatta to go with it, shimmering yellow leggings and shimmering bangles to accessorize it." The girl in question is Maahi, our protagonist of the book "". She is beautiful,  lively and yet Veeru (the other protagonist) cannot see her. She is dead and searching for oblivion, which she can seek only with the help of Veeru.

Meanwhile, our man, Mr Veerupakshya and his best friend, Jerry design a website called, all but for fun. Little did they know that whatever they do would land them up with ghosts in real. Maahi along with her saviour, an old spectacled lady, who calls herself Asmita Deb Burman, a molecular biology professor at IISc Bangalore, register on this website to seek help from its creators in searching Maahi's lost love. Yes, Dr Burman or Asmita ma'am as she is referred to in the book, has concluded from whatever little information Maahi gives her that Maahi died in front of her lover. Thus she is under tremendous pain which can subside only when she meets her lover and seek oblivion. All this long lost love has to be searched within eight days or else Maahi stays trapped forever on earth.

So, Maahi and Veeru set out on the journey to search for Maahi's lost love about whom neither of them have any idea except that he is a golden haired man who calls her in her dreams. The book begins in Bangalore moves to Goa as Maahi and Veeru start their search. But our man, who in the beginning had no whatsoever reason of believing in ghosts, has gradually as time went by fallen for this pretty ghost (Men, I tell you). He is moved by her pain. He wants to see her, hold her and comfort her. But how can he? She is a ghost. However,  it seems lady luck seemed to have favored him. Due to his intense desire to help Maahi find oblivion,  he is soon able to see her. And, thus begins their love story. While Veeru is all bowled over by Maahi's beauty, Maahi on the other hand doesn't want him to fall for her, fearing he might get trapped or stuck forever in this non existential relationship.

Having discovered that it is not Goa where Maahi had died but a city down south (I wouldn't want to spoil the fun, find out for yourself), Veeru and Maahi then start their journey to the city of Maahi's "dreams." Do they find the man Maahi had been yearning for? Or Does Maahi remain trapped forever on earth? Is Veeru indeed in love? Or it's merely an infatuation towards a pretty girl? Who is Asmita Deb Burman,  how can she see ghosts? And then, what about the man, who is dressed in medieval style and has been a ghost for over 500 years, why does he help Maahi? Or Does he not? Questions. Answers. More Questions but not all are answered. This is precisely how is the book-

Why I like the book? Because it has a different storyline compared to what usually you would find in the books by newbie authors. Further, the book leaves you open ended. After the 246 pages end, and you see "To be continued..." written on the right hand side of the book; you want to shout out to the author and say "Can you please finish the story?" It is a fun read, easy to comprehend and good choice of words. It might get filmy a bit at times but you won't mind that. Conversations between Veeru and Maahi are interesting. On one hand,  you know what Veeru has been thinking about; on the other, you see Maahi contemplating about the happenings around. As the narrative flows, you too are transported from one end to the other. Like Veeru, as a reader you are struggling too to find Maahi's golden haired man.

Aren't you interested in finding him out? Please do. Happy Reading!  :-)

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