10 Things Travel Magazines Do To You As a Reader

I am back. I know it's been long. Though I had aimed for writing a different 99th post on my blog, it turns out that I have to probably write this one prior to the one I thought first. So, this post came to my mind today itself, while I was surfing through the Jan editions of the different travel magazines that I bought from one of my visits to Starmark in Chennai. My main aim was to see and think if I could generate any story ideas from these magazines. But as luck would have it, I ended up glancing at the magazines only a month later. While looking through the pages of these beautiful travel magazines, I was struck with a realization. That there are innumerable beautiful places on this planet for me to discover, the underlying reality behind the realization is that I do not know whether I would be able to do that in this birth or not. Forget the world, I am yet to explore my own country, which boasts of diverse cultural and historical important places which are explored by travelers from across the globe.

When it comes to traveling, I have always sulked. While in school and college, there wasn't really the liberty to go  on your own or with friends; when out of college, there was the mad rush of getting settled with career. When the time finally came to travel around, I took the marriage plunge. But this hasn't stopped me from day-dreaming about the places I would like to visit in India and abroad. TLC and FOX Traveler have been a great respite too but not much because I feel envious of the jobs that those anchors get to do. Imagine working in a company where you get to travel places, explore food, interact and mingle with people, all at anyone else' expense sounds fabulous!!! Alas, I am neither the employer nor the employee at any of these travel channels or magazines. So, finally I decided to write down TEN THINGS THAT TRAVEL MAGAZINES DO TO  US AS A READER:-

1) They make you travel the world sitting in the cozy confines of your home. 

2) You imagine and create beautiful imagery out of your thoughts.

3) You gulp down some adjectives, superlatives, great narratives and what not. Travel writings are most lucidly and 'beautifully' written in order to make the reader not just enjoy but also 'feel' the story.

4) At the same time, they make us Regret. I don't know about you but when I see the spectacular Thailand, or the serene Hampi, I regret not having traveled as much as I should have done earlier. I wonder whether I would be able to see those places on my own and tell stories to my son or will it be my son showing me those places when he grows up?

5) You start making your own bucket list. Every month, the magazines would come out with some or the 'Hottest Destinations'; 'Five Must Visit Places of the Year'; 'Where to Spend Your Special Occasion' etc kind of articles. Thus, when you are done and dusted with the fact that you never traveled all these beautiful places, you are struck with another realization that it is not late yet.

6) You learn to save your income. Like it or not, you need money to travel. Be it India or abroad. You need those green crispy notes or shiny thin cards, and quite a lot of them, in case, you wish to spend some quality time and rejuvenate your senses during the vacation that you plan to take.

7) You indulge in thought processing. That is, you indulge in some more research on Google to know about any little thing that you may have missed reading.

8) You yearn for the days when you would be traveling in those lands, clicking pictures, absorbing the scenery, writing your heart out and spend your own time.

9) You end up building castles in the air. From dreaming about what would you do when you go there, to the list of must visit places, must eat outs

10) You wish to take that one solo trip that you had never dared to.

Did you feel any of these things while reading your favorite travel magazine? Do let me know in the comments below. :-)

Happy Reading! :-)

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