Chennai Food Guide's 10th Anniversary Celebration- Fun, Food and a Lucky Draw Hamper!

I know I am a bit late in updating about this event, which happened on February 28th. The 10th anniversary celebration of Chennai Food Guide took place at The Westin, Velachery, Chennai on a Saturday night. The night was as expected filled with anecdotes from the food industry, the food group, and how it has evolved over the years, the whose who of the food industry in Chennai and also those who have made a mark and done some generous work by utilising their culinary skills to their best.

The event began with a few introductory glances into the transformation of Chennai Food Guide from a social network group to a full-fledged platform where each member eats, breathes and talks only about food. The brainchild of Mohammad Ali, CFG has now taken another step towards a venture called The Food Consulate, where you will get to test, enhance, transform as well as share your culinary skills with a varied set of people. Going by the efforts that Mr Ali has put towards making CFG reach where it is now, I am sure The Food Consulate will also a grand success churning out the Masterchef from each one of us. :-D

The event also had a Food Quiz, which made me shamelessly realize that I really need to abreast my knowledge about Food. It does not just come down to only eating out, tasting, reviewing restaurants. A connoisseur of food or a food critic should be up to date with every item on a food menu, to every ingredients and what its counterparts are called in different countries, to what goes into making what and so on and so forth. Basically, the quiz reminded me (at least) about how poor my knowledge is when it comes to food. :-( Better Luck Next Time! :-P

The food on the menu at The Westin was not just grand in its spread but also grand in taste. I am sorry I cannot recall what all I ate... (You can say that I am concealing from you the fact behind how many extra pounds I gained that fateful night) :-P So, while I was busy gorging on the delicious food, someone shouted in the crowd, "Is there anyone named Sneha?" Any guesses? Why was I being called? I had won myself a lucky draw hamper!!!! *A Big Thunderous Round of Applauds*

You want to know what I won in the hamper? I shall leave a picture for you to decipher. :-D Oh, we were also given CFG Goodie Bag, which contained loooooooots of items.. That too, you can have a look in the picture and find for yourself :-D

P.S.: Did I tell you? While I was entering the event, a beautiful lady at the ticket counter handed me my coupons, but not before asking whether I was the same Sneha Bhattacharjee, who had written a post talking about the CFG anniversary in my blog, and how all of them had read my previous post about the CFG anniversary and were looking forward to meet me in person!!!! How cool is that? Afterall, someone really made the effort to click on the blog link and read it :-) ;-)  

My day was made! :-D 

All in all, I really hope that I am able to be a part of the 11th anniversary in a bigger and better manner! :-D And Win the Bumper Hamper! :D Which was won by my friend, T! :-)

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