Happiness is everywhere around you

She was waiting at the office boardroom to meet the Editor of a leading daily. She was nervous. Not that she hadn't faced an interview earlier. She was happy beyond words. Having managed to clear the written test, and being called for a face-to-face interaction within a week, she knew she was just a few steps away from claiming the offer. After an hour long wait, she was finally called in by the Editor to have the 'interview.' Little did she know that her interview would be more of a conversation, if not anything else. Half an hour  through it, she was told that her application would be processed further. She still wasn't ready to believe that she was being offered the job in a while rather she assumed she would have to go through another round of interview before the final verdict came. Soon, the HR walked into the boardroom with a white paper in hand. She handed the paper to her and said this is your offer letter. She just glanced through it. She wasn't upset with the pay that was being offered. She was rather happy that she finally managed to secure a job after months and months of trying. She signed the necessary documents. The HR handed her the offer letter. She left the Editorial office of the leading daily with a smile on her face and a tear trickling down her cheeks. She was happy to have bagged the job in her first meeting itself.  Happiness was this.


She was sitting in the audience with her mother watching the annual function of her school. Class XII meritorious students were being honoured for their outstanding performances. Seeing the seniors taking away trophies and medals, she felt her adrenaline rush. She knew that she too would want to see herself there one day. Her trail of thoughts broke, when her mother asked her if they would too be called on the dias, when she clears her Class XII. She looked at her mother and simply smiled. A smile that reassured her mother. Four years later, she was standing on the same dias with medals and trophies that covered her from head to waist. Her parents were called on the stage. As she walked away with her medals and certificates, she stopped by to hug her favorite language teacher. The teacher looked at her parents and said, 'we are proud of her.' Her parents replied, 'we too are proud of her.' She saw her parents beaming with pride. Happiness was this.


The day had arrived. Sleep eluded her the whole night. She was just imagining the moment that was about to enfold in a couple of hours. She had been anticipating it for whole nine months. She had been away from her husband for a long while. He was there beside her now. She knew the time was here. She woke up early morning, and ate what the doctor had told her. She arrived in the hospital at the stipulated time- 9:00 am. She got herself admitted in the room. Half an hour later, two nurses arrived with syringes and hospital gown. She was now a patient of the hospital. Her operation time was 2.00 pm. But she was taken only after 2.30pm. She was nervous. It was her first time afterall. Her doctor calmed her down. Minutes later, she was in the Operation Theater. After two doses of anesthesia, she was asked to lie do. She doesn't know what happened after that. The only thing she knew was a mild cry that she heard. Next, the doctor asked her to 'look up' and see 'her son.' The shining eyes had a glimmer of hope with them. She tried to put up a smile on her face. That was it. The moment had arrived, finally. She was a mother now to a little life. Happiness was this. 


Happiness is never limited. It comes as we proceed to newer surroundings. A simple smile at a passerby, a comforting hug to a friend who is down and out, the thought of getting your first job, the idea of being able to write and publish your first book, the proud moment to gift your parents a foreign trip; instances are many but the underlying idea behind all is the happiness that it brings along. 

Happiness is proportional to the amount of time you spend in channelizing positive thoughts around you. It is not something that you would want to limit to yourself. Derive happiness from the little things around you. Make others happy through your gesture of gratitude. The joy of making someone smile through your gesture is something would give you immense happiness. Have you tried it yet? 

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