Nimrat Kaur's new short film, Road Trip, leaves a hard hitting message to its viewers

Hi Friends,

The first time I saw Nimrat Kaur - in The Lunchbox trailer - I was bowled over by the simplicity with which she spoke. Quite contrary to the glamorous looks, and the size zero models, here was a new actress, who seemed just like a girl next door. Someone who not just pleased the audience with her charming and simple looks but also the way she acted. 

And, just when I wondered and hoped that she would come back soon on the screen with yet another heart-warming performance, here she was with this short film - Love Shots : #RoadTrip - produced under the Y-Films banner. 

The short film that stars Nimrat Kaur and Tahir Raj Bhasin begins with their chatter and petty arguments on love, relationship and about everything just like every other couple. The way they converse with each other, one would reminisce the time they spend together and how they usually have such talks pulling each others leg. But wait till the end, the movie turns out to be completely different from what it had begun with. I do not want to spoil the story by telling you before about it. I would prefer you to watch it and understand for yourself. 

The short film, however, definitely gives a hard-hitting message. Something that the today's selfie-obsessed and internet-savvy generation must understand. Sometimes, it is important to leave aside the tiny little 'non-living thing' that has taken over our lives to such an extent that we forget there are 'living things' around us. From our time spent with children, loved ones, to our interaction with our friends, we prefer to update our 'status' before we have even interacted with our long-time-no-see friend. We prefer to 'insta' update the selfie, even before giving a comforting hug to the one we meet. Sometimes, I think we should probably go 'offline' to enter the real world and see, observe, hear, feel the surroundings. 

Do watch the video below and know for yourself, why a small 'click' can cause a huge difference to your life!

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