The Window

You have been there all this while,
Without moving anywhere, to change in style,
Oh! how will you move?
You are just another non-living creature,
merely a window, existing for the sake of it,
in every house or building or office or car;

But The Window,I am talking about,
does not exist 'merely,'
It is The Window, that has shown me everything

A tree stood tall outside it,
13 years ago;
It still stands tall,
only the leaves wither away every new season;

It is the same window, that has accompanied me
when I was low or happy;
I stared out of it into the sky
imagining where my life will be years down the line,
penning down some memorable poems, or
the love letter;

It stayed there, while my life moved from
childhood to adulthood;
I cried sitting next to it,
when I was reprimanded,
I cried sitting next to it,
when I missed my love,

The Window, is still there,
only the things outside have changed,
so has changed my equation with it,
I no longer sit everyday beside it,
For, I no longer live in that room,
Yes, this window, was a part of my room,
where I grew from a child to an adult,
from a school kid to a college youth,
from a spinster to a married woman;

The last I saw The Window,
it was still the same,
the curtains,
the grills,
the paint,
the panes,
The only change was,
the people and its surroundings,
the life and its phases.

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