The Year That Was - Part I

Not sure whether all of you have read my first post of the year- here is what I began my blog with this 2015. Incidentally, it was written on the very first day of the new year and happened to be picked by Blogadda as their Tangy Tuesday Picks. I am glad that out of everything written in the post, I held on to one thing at least- being active on the blog. Here I stand now, with the 70th post of the year that is about to bid goodbye in three more days.


Going by the number of blogposts being written by fellow bloggers on how the year 2015 was for them and what do they foresee for the new year, I couldn't have kept myself away from doing the same. As I write this post, I am not even sure how to comment about this year. From what I can see, when I look back, is that the year has been challenging in its own way. It has given me several signs which I overlooked or may be refused to accept. And, it is only now that I realise had I understood those signs well earlier, I would've saved myself the emotional agony.

Of the 10 things that I wrote in the first blog post of the year, I have followed only four religiously. A challenging year that this was, it taught me the most important lesson that you learn as you become a parent- Your child is ONLY your responsibility and no one else can/would/shall/should care for it. As a parent, it was extremely tough for me and my husband to balance things back home and at work. To tell you honestly, I got three extremely good job offers in decent organisations but while I had to quit two of them due to lack of support system, one job just ruined my happiness to an extent that it became difficult for me to trust any employer. And, just when I thought things were falling in place with another new offer in hand, fate decided to play yet another dirty game. I realised all organisations are same from within despite how good they try to portray themselves to their employees.

I was so exhausted by the end of this job saga that I literally ran away from the city to be with my family and friends. With the hope that I wouldn't have to come back again, I assumed I will be able to live away from this city and the agony it caused me this year. But I was wrong. The natural disaster that the city had to go through in December pulled me back and the fact that I had got used to this city, while the city that I called home seemed alien and less welcoming.


And, then came welcome change.

Something that had been happening ever since I tried taking a plunge into a full-time job. I managed to grab some good work from home offers. While the work is in progress for the projects, and it is too hard to convince my mind until I receive the pay for it in my bank account, I have decided to stay put. From no longer looking for a baby-sitter to hunting for job opportunities any more, I have decided to finally give my mind some peace with whatever little I have and whatever I am aiming for myself in the new year.

I don't know what will be the end result but I am hoping for the best. That 2015 had been quite adventurous and challenging enough, 2016 needs to be a little calm and more in line with my thoughts. Whether I will have a bucket-list for 2016 or not, I ain't sure yet. All I can say at the moment - as someone wise said to me is that - things can only get better from here.

In a two part series, I present to you how this year was for me inside out. If you have anything to share, please leave a comment below, I will be more than happy to read :)

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