The Year That Was- Part 2

Like they say, we should be grateful to every little thing in our lives. Perhaps, this is the time to be so. With three more days to usher into a new year, we all have hopes, aspirations, to-do lists, schedules, timelines and what not for the coming year. But I guess, it is also the time to sit down, and look back at the year that's about to end. That it will bring back memories- some good, some bad- there is no doubt that it will also help us shape our new year in a better way.

So, while in my earlier post, I talked about how 2015 had been a challenging and adventurous year for me; in this post, I want to be grateful to the little joys that I had this year.

Here's presenting to you the five most beautiful things that happened to me this year and I thank from the bottom of my heart every person who made those beautiful memories happen.

1. The year of blogadda

A junior friend from college seeing my number of blog updates on a regular basis remarked, 'ladki you are soon going to acquire blogadda.' Such was the insanity that had transpired within me. I took part in almost every book review program and contests that blogadda announced. So much so that I even would share my posts for their Tuesdays and Saturdays picks. While two of my posts were part of the Tangy Tuesday Picks, one was part of the weekend prompt- WOW. However, this was limited only to the initial part of the year. As I got engrossed more and more in the job world, I shared less on blogadda and followed less of its activities. Hoping to get back to sharing more on the blogging platform.

The book 
2. The year of becoming a published author

For every writer, there is nothing more fulfilling than becoming a published author. I along with seven other bloggers was part of an activity called- Game of blogs- organised by none other than blogadda. While we were chosen as winners earlier this year, the book titled 6 Degrees was published and launched at WIN 2015, an event of blogadda, in September in Mumbai. I am still basking in the glory of the book launch.

3. The year my son turned one and so did I as a mother

During a photo-shoot for the cover
of a parenting magazine. Not me, but
Ayaan was featured on the cover page
of Parent Circle magazine
This is definitely one of the most special moments of 2015. While it is merely the beginning of many such unforgettable memories to come, the first year is and shall always be special. Seeing your little one grow, from crawling on the floor to running from one end of the house to other; from mere syllables to imitating every word that I speak; from a tiring day at home to some fun-filled moments with grandparents; from celebrating every 'first' to thinking about what the future holds for him; the first year and half of motherhood was emotional yet enriching, was anxious yet fulfilling, was about being traditional yet unorthodox, was about undoing the 'rules' that are liable to you once you become a parent.

Chennai Through My Eyes

4. The year of starting new series on the blog

I started two series on my blog this year. One was #ChennaiThroughMyEyes - a way to talk about city that is my home now from an outsider's perspective. While I have managed to write only three posts up until now in the series, I hope to write some more in the coming year. The second series was #PoetryTrails- a series of poetry written in collaboration with another friend. This too was short lived as my friend got occupied with higher studies abroad. However, I hope to revive it again with her or anyone else who would be interested in it.

5. The year when my blog got a Facebook page and my page views crossed over 16,000 views

In a bid to promote my blog as much as I can with the help of social network, I decided to create a page for all my blog-related activities. In case, you haven't yet visited my Facebook page, here's the LINK to it. While the likes have slowly started to peak in, my page now stands at 177 likes. Hoping that the likes on the page will increase in the new year. This was also the year when my blog crossed over 10,000 views and now stands at somewhere close to 17,000. What can be more endearing than to see your writing being read by people. The blog has become my means to connect with the world and show my writing. Hoping that you as a reader would continue to shower your love on me in the new year as well.

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