What is love?

What is love?
A silent way to silence your inner self
A turbulence in your peaceful mind
A crack that's tough to mend
An affair that leaves you sleepless
A rose that pretends to have fragrance
A flower that dries up before it blossoms
An ache that's too painful to undergo medication
A blind passion that turns you deaf and dumb
Love is nothing but a mere infatuation
Too hard to ignore, harder to hold on to
Love is a feeling that disappears
as suddenly as it had appeared
Like a gas balloon left loose
Love is meant to be a passionate endeavor
An enchanting experience in the mundane lives
It is nothing but
a glass that cracks in one touch
a thorn that pricks deep inside
a fire that burns you down never to revive
a void that you cannot avoid
a memory that's etched too deep
a lesson that life reminds you
every single day that you lead...

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