Poetry Trails: #1 Stars and I

Hi Friends,

A dear friend of mine had posted the following lines (in italics) on her Facebook status. She loves to write, and more so when it's poetry. There was something that made me write further down those lines. The result- the following poem as you can see. Thus, we both decided that we would blog together about love and positivity on her blog like this. We are calling it "Poetry Trails" wherein, either of us will begin and continue from there on. Hope all of you will like our small gesture in spreading happiness around. By the way, that dear friend of mine is also a brilliant blogger, and you can read her blogs here- "Pretty Mornings"

I look at the stars, 
and they look back at me. 
We do the same thing every night. 
There is something about being silent,
and looking at each other,
They don’t judge,
I don’t question them for 
being too bright or too dull either, 
The silence between us is comforting
They let me ponder and think over
I am thankful for they make my universe sparkle
Every time I look-up, I smile, 
And they watch-over me, every night, silently.
Stars and I 
We’re the best match.

I too stare at the stars 
not every night
But when I do 
they seem to speak to me
Tell me how things were before
and how things are now
Tell me how I was before
and how I am now
I say that they are wrong, 
but then they remind me
that they had been above me all along....

They know it better, 
they know it all, 
they have seen the rise, and yes, 
they have seen the fall

Yet they wait for me each day
To come and see them shine
As if they want to say
Learn from us...
We shine even in the dark
Let your darkness
be overpowered by the strength 
That you have hidden 
in the garb of a different you..

The next poem in Poetry Trails will be published on Pretty Mornings

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