Poetry Trails: #4 Hard Rock Life

Hi Friends, 

This is the fourth poem in the series- Poetry Trails. This post was initially supposed to be posted on my friend's blog. But due to urgent circumstances, she hasn't been able to do it. From hereon, the Poetry Trails will be published on Indelible Musings. Once my friend is a little less occupied from her paper works and studies, we shall continue altering between her and my blog. Till then, Happy Reading! 


It has all been so hard till now,
Hard as a rock, tough to break,
I try to move away from the hard life
But the life that I thought as hard rock
is actually like a magnetic pull
That's pulling me close to itself,
That doesn't let me realise
my true potential,
Or actually it does, 
But I choose to ignore,
I choose to see that any rock
as big as it may be
as hard as it may be
is susceptible to pressure
So, I just need to push,
Push as high and deep 
as I can,
So that the rock breaks into pieces,
So that those pieces 
I can gather and keep it safe somewhere
for later reminisces,
So that I learn from those tiny little pieces
what I couldn't when they were a part of the rock...

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