Poetry Trails: #3 'Fall' Out of Love

Hi Friends,

This is the third poem in the series- Poetry Trails- that's started by me and another friend. The link to the previous two poems have been given at the end of the post. Hope you like this too. Happy Reading!


We fell out of love 
There was nothing we could do
We tried, we discussed, we met
Yet we couldn't rekindle the romance
What was missing? We did not know 
Was it the love? Or the embrace? 
Was it us sitting side by side or lying next to each other? 
Was it looking eye to eye or holding hands tight? 
Was it what we call ‘few minutes of bliss’ 
or the pursuit for an effortless connect?
There was something missing.

Sometimes it was you, 
And other times, it was me
we were always missing, 
from each other’s lives
and hence we were missing the life 
that delightfully happened around us
I longed for a long night talk, 
You took too long to melt the rock, 
You thought and never expressed
I expressed and never thought. 
We ended up saying, 
that we had options none, 
but we were actually busy mending our individual lives
instead of stitching them into one. 
We fell out of love, 
Was there nothing that we could do?

The next poem in Poetry Trails will be posted on 'Pretty Mornings'

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