A 'click' that changed my life

#Disclaimer: This is simply my thought about how a platform to communicate with a large audience has changed my life. WOW has given me the initiative to pay an Ode to this platform. Thank You, BlogAdda. 

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

One fine evening in 2014, when I was bored of scrolling down my news feed on Facebook, I started clicking on links, shared by a couple of friends as their status. During one such click, I discovered something very interesting on the blog of a friend (P). Now P is a great writer, her creativity in putting down words and weaving them into a story is something I try but invariably fail to succeed. You ask me to talk to you all through this blog, I will. But weaving a story is something I generally do not try my hands at.

So, P had written a blog post, which was part of a contest organized by BlogAdda. Going by the flow of her writing, I thought I should try my hands at it. Thus, I began thinking about the "Five Zesty Things of My Life". While I was at that time preoccupied with the thoughts of my newborn baby, my husband, my parents, my home etc etc, I still gave it a chance. I made an all out effort in writing that post in a record time. More so, because it was the last day to submit the entry. Little did I know that a valid entry required you to be a registered member of BlogAdda.

When I clicked on the "Submit you Entry" button on the Sponsored Reviews page of the website, I realized that I had to register on the website in order to be able to submit my entry, I knew I wasn't going to win anything, yet  I wanted to post the blog that I had written. Therefore, after a lot of running around the house in the process of feeding my child, having my dinner, speaking to parents, answering my mom's innumerable questions about "what I was up to at this hour in the night"; I somehow managed to register my account on BlogAdda.

But, things weren't coming to me so soon and so easily. Though my account was created, I was not able to post the blog still, unless I filled their "Sponsored Reviews Program". If that wasn't enough, my profile wouldn't get  updated despite my repeated attempts at filling the Program form again and again. Finally, when I realized that the clock was going to strike 12 (the closing hours of the contest), I gave up. I left the system as it is. I did not delete the post and let that be as it is too.

The next morning, I wrote a mail to BlogAdda citing the difficulties in filling out their Review Programs forms (both Book reviews and Sponsored reviews). I forgot about the contest for which I had written the post in a hurry. I gathered myself in front of my laptop and started going through the BlogAdda website. Until that day, I had simply heard about BlogAdda but never tried registering or finding out more about them.

2014 was actually the year when I started blogging seriously too. I was on a break, a maternity break. I decided to utilize my sabbatical for a good cause. Blogging seemed to be the perfect good cause because it gave me the power to finally "think and write"; it gave me the power to let my thoughts flow as I want. While going through the BlogAdda website, I saw many segments that could be of interest to me, such as, the Book Reviews, Sponsored Reviews, Tangy Tuesdays, Spicy Saturdays etc.
Though I started with the Sponsored Review post (which I could not post), my stint with BlogAdda began technically with the Book Reviews. I was thrilled to receive my first book for review from them. Since then, I have never looked back. From taking part in the #CelebrateBlogging initiative, to their twitter chats, and other contests; BlogAdda made me hone my skills at blogging. Earlier it was always about simply pouring my heart out, now, it is not just about pouring it out but also sharing it with a vast audience. Moreover, the #CelebrateBlogging initiative turned me into not just a story weaver but also gave me a bunch of great friends, with whom I share my everyday happiness, grief and every other little joy of my life.

This is one 'click' that turned my life for good. I turned an avid blogger and writer, for whom, writing a small blog post is no longer a far fetched dream. Earlier, writing meant thinking, thinking and then some more thinking until the thinking became overboard and the words never came out the way I desired. Now, writing means anything and everything that I feel, see, dream, breathe, hear, like or dislike.


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