Three Things I would do RIGHT NOW - A BlogAdda and MaxLife Insurance initiative #SecondChance activity

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.

Often in life, we are faced with circumstances when we have to choose between our dreams and aspirations, and what others want from us. In our attempts to please the others, we set aside the aspirations for a while and keep setting (un)realistic goals to achieve them at some point in life later. Come to think of it, those aspirations remain either at the back of our mind or are forgotten like that old book gathering dust on our bookshelf. BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance is giving us, bloggers, the chance to not just write about those things that we had set aside but also make sure by the end of the blogpost, we make it our aim to follow our passions. 

There are many things that I would like to correct now. There are many unfulfilled aspirations that I wish I could live now. There are not three but many things that I would do right away, if given a second chance. However, since the activity asks for only THREE things, let me take you all through them, one by one. 

1. Get back to music: I am a trained Hindustani classical music exponent, who has completed her fifth year under the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. However, since the time I have landed in Chennai, music has taken a back seat. I am left with one more year, which if completed, can earn me a degree of Sangeet Visharad.  But I don't remember the number of times that I have tried to get myself back into the world of music. It is not that my husband does not approve of it. In fact, every person who has known me, would want me to pursue music and make a name for myself. 

I fail to understand what has been that one thing that has been stopping me from plunging into the world, which I have always adored. A world, which has given me a sense of satisfaction that no book has ever given. A world, where once I enter, I submerge myself completely forgetting there exists another world beyond it. 

Music to me is what moon is to the sky. However, due to my own negligent attitude, my harmonium has been lying on a bunk gathering dust. Whenever I look at it, I feel a conversation ready to begin. It is as if the harmonium calls me to come and feel its keys, breathe in its tune, and sing along the songs that I have learnt all these years since 1996. I had plans of learning Carnatic Music. 

Being in Chennai, I thought it to be the best possible way in which I could stay connected to Music and learn a new form of singing too. All these have merely remained thoughts. But I hope this year, I would be able to live up to my long forgotten promises and who knows may even mark a comeback. Though I have miles to go before I sleep (in my case, nurture my voice back in tune). 

2. Study Further: If my parents read this, they are surely going to react- "didn't we tell you this long back?" But it seems the Hindi saying- Ab pachataye howat kya, jab chidiya chug gayi khet- (There is no point in crying over split milk)- holds very true for my situation. Tired of the underpaying full-time/part-time jobs, I feel its better to study more and be educated than slog like an ass in an MNC for peanuts. But studying further comes with its own set of difficulties. 

First things first, you have to zero down on a course that you would be interested in studying? Secondly, what will be the future prospects of the course? Third and most importantly, what line of career do I wish to choose after finishing studies? I guess my problem is all three. I am in a dilemma which does not look like it has a solution to it. I want a high paying job but at the same time prefer studying anything related to literature or writing than pursue an MBA (Since MBA grads are the most paid). I want to study more because I suddenly feel that more doors will be open for me if I enhance my education. I wish I had known this or ‘thought’ about this earlier. But I guess you are never too old for studying. 

Imagine what fun it would be to go back to college now that I am a mother and a wife J

3. Write more: This is my third blog post today. Unfortunately, I woke up late from my slumber. By the time I realized, the last day for submitting all the posts has almost arrived. Therefore, rather than keeping it pending for the last minute, I decided to finish it off at one go. And, here I am now, writing the third post for a BlogAdda activity. Well that is how I am. When I write, words keep flowing out. Then there would come days, when not a single word would flow out of my mind despite my serious attempts. But, I hope am able to change it now. I have already made an attempt towards it. I guess, if I continue to follow my heart, I would end up writing more often than I can imagine. J

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