Three (more) Things I would do RIGHT NOW- A BlogAdda and MaxLife Insurance Initiative #SecondChance Activity

This post is a part of the #SecondChance activity at BlogAdda in association with MaxLife Insurance”.

Continuing my pointers from my previous post, I am glad that BlogAdda has offered two posts to be submitted for this activity. Though, as I said earlier, it is very difficult to narrow down the things you want to do NOW if given a #SecondChance into just "three things", it is in some way making all of us realize the importance of a certain few things than bother about EVERYTHING.

What is stopping us from taking forward our aspirations that we had moved aside? Why should we keep postponing it to the 'next' suitable time? Why can't we just let everything go and strive on to achieve what we had been postponing? You never know, being swift, prompt and on time, can land you somewhere sooner than you had imagined. Remember what Kabir said?
"Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab"  

So, these are the three (more) things that I would right away if given a #SecondChance:

1. Travel..and travel some more: I like to explore new places but I haven't really had the chance or got the opportunity to do so. Often, when I watch shows on TLC, Fox Traveller and the likes, I feel like transporting myself to that world that very moment. I envy those anchors, who get to travel extensively, that too as part of their WORK. [I don't deny that the grass is always greener on the other side but still it is fun to work and travel] So, while I was thinking about writing this post, and this point, I came across this- 13 Reasons Why You Should Travel More Often. So like they say, the universe conspires to get you what you desire, I feel this story has been published at the right moment ;-) basically, hinting me to pack my bags and head on to EXPLORE. Go and absorb the fresh air of countryside, immerse myself in nature's bounty, eat some mouthwatering delicacies, observe and interact with new people, write about them, capture some memories and most importantly simply enjoy the time being spent :-) So what if I have a baby? My baby can travel with me. It is difficult but definitely not IMPOSSIBLE. At least, my baby will have memories to cherish in the form of pictures which he can proudly show his friends and who knows revisit those memories :-) I am SURELY going to travel more often now.

2. Read more often..and continue doing so: I know it comes as a surprising thing that despite being a writer, I do not read often. Honestly, I hadn't been a voracious reader until few years back. Though I still do not consider me one, I feel I can do away with it now. I am home, looking after my child, doing some freelance assignments and blogging, so am sure I can take out the time to read. And, as a very dear friend of mine Sri of I am S(t)ri had posted a couple of days back on Facebook- "A book a day keeps negativity away"- Indeed, books are man's best friend, companion, soulmate and much more. With a lot among the hundreds of books in my bookshelf, lying untouched, it seems I have a long way to go before I finish reading every book that is being published daily. But starting with a book a day, isn't that bad at all. Keep reading till I can :-)

3. Be a bit more tolerant: Yes, I am extremely short tempered. I am glad that my friends and family have been able to put up with me like that. They have accepted me like I am. But it does hurt at times when I lose it in a flash of a second. It is then that I wonder, I wish, I had a bit more tolerance and was a bit more calm. But it is never too late. I do not want a #SecondChance, I want to practice it from the very moment. Though it will take some time before I learn to "tolerate" :-D

Do you guys have similar feelings? Do you too feel/wish/hope you get a #SecondChance to fulfill what is left unfulfilled? Then why are you waiting? Get yourself together and live in the moment.

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