Ten Food Whose Taste I Can't Compromise With

This was probably the initial posts that I saw on Facebook today morning. My instant reaction- a wide grin :-D :-D - of course, being a tea person, I could relate to this so much. There are so many such posts that come on Facebook news feed on a daily basis. With some, you identify instantly; with some, you feel you identified earlier; then there are some which you feel simply exaggerated.

Tea is a drink that I really am obsessed about. No black, no green. I prefer my light brown coloured milk tea with a hint of sugar. Neither too milky nor too watery but a perfect mix of both with a dash of tea leaves. Explaining my kind of tea in words is tougher than how I imagined it to be. You'd probably have to pay me a visit to understand the kind of tea I like.

We all have our list of favorites, which we fear to or at least think twice before eating, when cooked by someone else. Not everyone can have a mother's touch or your taste.

Here are my favorite ten food/drink, whose taste I cannot compromise with:

1) Tea: Since the post started with this drink then why not give this first rank too. Need I say more on why I cannot compromise on its taste?

2) Rajma:  Let's keep it simple. I like "mere maa ke haath ka bana Rajmaaaaaaaa" 

3) Alu Posto: If you aren't a Bengali, it would take you a while to pronounce and then understand what exactly it is. Barring the fact that "alu" means potato, which of course all you would 99% recognize. Alu Posto or Potato cooked with Poppy seeds- is a Bengali delicacy devoured by almost every Bengali that I know of. And, yes this too has a certain consistency- the right amount of posto and cooked potatoes- which makes it one of my most favorite dishes. Did I tell you that I love the one that my mom makes and cannot or have not really found anyone even remotely going nearby? :-D

4) Noodles a.k.a Chowmein: Of course, I would love to have Noodles at Mainland China or Noodle Bar or Flower Drum or Yo! China but the one cooked inside the van or Hawkers (as we call it) right outside my house in Delhi is certainly the best. Not to forget the oodles of oil, spices, veggies, that it comes topped with.

5) Chicken Biryani: I don't care if it's Hyderabadi or Lucknowi, if it is Biryani, it's got to be with Basmati rice. Nothing more, nothing less. Layers of rice, intermixed with spices and loaded with ghee and fried onions! Slurrrrrrp!

6) Stuffed Parathas: Potato, onion or paneer, all have to be mixed together or separate, mashed with spices (not loaded but drizzled), and cooked in low oil and served with curd. Yeah, I know, parathas and low oil are oxymorons. But again, my mom can turn it around in no time.

7) Fish Curry: No, this is not the mustard fish curry which all of you think Bengalis eat day in and day out. This is a light fish curry cooked in ginger paste, cumin, tomatoes, turmeric powder, coriander powder and salt. It may sound a lot but trust me when its cooked, it is the lightest fish curry possible. Serve with it a plateful of steamed rice and you are good to go. You want recipe? :-P

8) Gol Gappas/ Pani Puri:  While the stuffing in these round specimen can vary and I don't mind that; the water that those are dipped in has to be chilled, spicy and topped with a lot of Boondi. 

9) Kadhi Chawal: While in most places, the dumplings served in the gravy are made in plain gram flour, I like to have it stuffed with either onions or spinach. The taste? Heavenly. The dumplings? Soft and filled with the taste of the gravy that is cooked with curd. And, no I don't like it with Roti. Only, steamed rice would do. :-)

10) Sandwich: I don't need a toaster or a sandwich maker to cook myself a sandwich filled with either veggies or just plain cheese. I simply need a frying pan or a flat bottomed tawa. And, I am good to go. The easiest and fastest way to cook some healthy sandwiches and enjoy breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner! Any time of the day would do.

[As a memory, I would also like to raise a toast to my all-time favorite, Maggi Noodles! Oh! How much I miss thee, Maggi! :'( :'( ]

What are the 10 foods whose taste you can't compromise with? Have you blogged about them yet? :-) 

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