So They Say...

So they say, quit and sit back,
it isn't your day;
I say then when will it be if not today?
Shedding all inhibitions,
I embark on a new road.

I walk two miles,
only to witness a giant rock
blocking my way;
So they say, it's time you
tread on the return path.

I refuse to look back,
climbing the rocky terrain,
beads of sweat trickle down my forehead,
I keep up with the pace,
a thorn pierces the skin on my toe,
So they say, it's time for me
to abandon all that I had begun.

Abandon was a word,
I had never heard before,
fighting back with zeal,
was always what I was told,
Yet they said, gone is your time,
so is your luck, so is your chance,
Why hold on to things
that you shall never pass?

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