Time to pen(cil) my thoughts!

Sometimes you need to go back to old school. As a writer, carrying a pen/pencil/notebook/paper in a bag is a must apart from carrying the usual belongings. For me, pencil is a unique object. And, I am going to tell you much more about my association with this object in this post.

I remember those early primary class days, when carrying two sets of pencil, an eraser, a sharpner, and scale in the pencil box was the norm. Right before stepping out of home, my father would invariably ask in his low yet firm voice- "have you taken everything?", "Do you have an extra set of pencil?". I would very timidly respond with a yes.

I remember getting annoyed writing with a pencil and envy those students who could use/write with pen as early as in the fifth standard. Exams, drawings, homework and classwork- pencil was an important 'object' till the primary classes. As I advanced to the next classes, pencil became an object merely to draw the margins of exam sheets, mark a geographical feature on the map, underline the important points in a book and sometimes in the exam sheets too, to draw diagrams, experiments in the practical files or even to aim at your best friend standing at a distance.

Isn't it true that you understand the worth/value of a thing or a person when they are either away from you or absent completely from your lives? Such has been my association with a pencil. Till the time I was supposed to use it everyday without fail- my primary classes- I detested using it. Now, with most of my hours spent typing on the laptop or on the mobile phones, I yearn to use the pencil whenever I smell an opportunity. So much so that I feel now my handwriting looks better with pencil than a pen. In fact, I wrote this post with a pencil in a notebook before typing it here on the blog.

I know many of you write a few rounds of draft before typing the final version on the blog or website. With me, it is a little different. Off late, I have been simply opening the blog post, keying in whatever thought came to my mind and then kept up with the flow. Today, was however, different. One of those days when I was yearning to pen(cil) my thoughts. And, am glad I did it. Glad about what I wrote. But definitely not about the handwriting that I saw.

Have you pen(ciled) your thoughts yet? Give it a shot. You'll be surprised. Things would come to your mind seamlessly. You'll put down everything that you see, observe, smell, breathe. And, it could be the best possible way to keep yourself away from gadgets and just be your old self.

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