For the love of Thai- Benjarong- Review

Disclaimer: I do not have pictures of the food because the food was just wiped off the plates, the moment it was served. Rest assured, the review is genuine and authentic like the food I had there. 

Located on TTK Road, Benjarong has been on lists of 'Must try' places since long. So, when a dear friend of mine invited me over there for a Birthday lunch, I was not only happy to try this restaurant out but also happy at the fact that I was finally going to make it there.

As you enter the restaurant, you are hit by an aroma that will for once make you feel you have stepped into a Thai Spa :D but then that is how probably they do the decor and fragrance in a restaurant that specialises in Thai food. The restaurant is well spaced out with elegant seating arrangements. (Sorry, if am being too generalist in the way I talk about the seating in a restaurant.) Overall, the ambiance has a relaxing appeal to it.

As I and my friend waited for two of his other friends to arrive, we decided to order soup- pardon me for not writing the original names of the soups because they were hard to remember. The soup was a seafood hot n sour soup that was filled with prawns, squid, lemon grass, Thai chillies and had a taste that was tangy and hot. If you are not a chilly person, then you could try their soup that is made with coconut cream and (something more), which according to my friend who is a frequent visitor there, is delicious.

For the appetizers, we ordered Chicken Satay, Pandanus Chicken, and Baby corn Tartlets. The Chicken Satay was served with a sauce that was a mix of peanut, lemon and chilly; while the Pandanus Chicken was served with a sweet and sour sauce. Both the appetisers were delicious. The chicken in Pandanus Chicken was juicy, tender and the spices were mixed extremely well in it. Chicken Satay was a little dry compared to the other one but nonetheless, tasted light and good. The Baby Corn Tartlets were batter fried and tasted well.

In the main course, we ordered a Pad Thai Chicken, Jungle Fried Rice, Crispy Chicken, and a semi gravy Potato something (This was ordered to accompany the Fried Rice later hence, I do not remember the name at all). While both the Pad Thai Chicken and Crispy Chicken with capsicum, onions and cashew nuts was light, tasty and juicy; the Jungle Fried Rice was a mix of veggies, pepper and lemon which gave it a different taste than the usual Fried Rice that we would eat. The Potato dish was thin sliced potatoes with a sweet and tangy sauce and some veggies.

Overall, the food was light, delicious and well-cooked. We did not order any desserts as we were stuffed suffice. Since it was a treat, I cannot comment on the overall bill but yeah most dishes are priced between 200-500 INR.

There is one more thing which was a little striking for me, that was, the smell in every dish that came by. It took me some time to realise and I hope I wasn't wrong that the smell was of Fish oil/sauce that is used to cook Thai food. But that shouldn't deter you from trying out this absolutely delicious fare, presented to you in the near-most authentic form possible and served by smiling and courteous waiters.

Next time, pictures for sure! :D

Food: 4.5/5
Ambiance: 4/5
Service: 4/5

Benjarong is located right next to French Loaf on TTK Road.  Happy Eating!

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