A Thank You note to my readers!

A thought the other day made me realise that I had not visited my blog for over a month. Unfortunately, I cannot recall what prompted me to ponder over my absence from the blog. So, I decided to log in and simply write down something that I can think of- THAT MOMENT. But, seems like I am suffering from Writer's Block. OR may be, my creative juices have dried up. I couldn't think of what to write, when my eyes fell on the "Pageviews". VOILA! my blog has more than 10,000 views now and I didn't even know it. SAD! That's what happens when you keep aside your passion and concentrate on all the nonsense surrounding your life.

But But But... Let me take this opportunity to thank each one of you, who took out time to read my blogs. For the sake of reading, for the genuine interest in reading, for the fact that you wanted to know how I write, just for time pass, or for any other god damn reason that I cannot think of right now; Thank You! I feel grateful. I feel honored. The thought that what I blabbered on this blog made sense to you, and that you had the urge to go through the pages, makes me delighted. What more could a writer ask for than a token of appreciation from his readers?

This blog post is a reminder to let you know that I do exist. I am back. And, I am back for the better. I know I had written a post on the very first day of this year citing how I would write everyday and share my blog but I am no where close to writing everyday. With May gone by without a blog post, I think one post this month is enough to ignite the fire within and carry on my aim to write regularly. I still don't know what I would write on. Will it be a poetry? Or a book review? Or some fiction? It could be anything and everything under the sun.

So, don't lose hope on me because I am hopelessly trying to write, and let my creative juices flow again.

Till then...

Indelible Musings :-)

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