Should You Give In To Your Fear?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my personal. They may vary from people to people and be different for different circumstances. 

What is fear? A feeling that creeps in when you fail to or are unable to fulfill a certain task. Fear comes in unannounced. You may fear because you genuinely feel it or you may fear for the heck of it. But the question is should you give into your fear? OR should you rise above all that is pulling you down to that extreme?

In most circumstances, the tendency is to give into the fear. How many times do we actually sit back, think and try to steer away from the thought of 'quitting'? Nobody really wants to quit. It is the circumstances, situations, behaviors, thoughts that rules our actions. It is probably also the emotional quotient that tends to be on the higher side while dealing with a situation that causes the fear.

Not just the emotional quotient, the whole thought about "what will they say"?; 'they' here could be anyone ranging from parents, to relatives, to the society. The moment you start believing in the fact that it doesn't matter "what will they think or say" but what you want in life, is when you will be guided towards fighting the fear.

We all fear for life. We all fear for death. We fear we might fail. We fear that our parents can't be proud of what we are doing. We fear we might be terminated despite being a hard working employee. We fear we will lose our near and dear ones. We fear why isn't everything constant around us. We fear about almost everything that is around us.

What we forget? That, 'change is the only constant.' Rather than sitting back and 'fearing' the outcomes of a circumstances, push yourself to the extent that even 'fear' fears to overpower you. You are not the only one in a tough situation. There are people, who will have situations more grave than you. There are people, who may not have the means to overcome the fear. There are people, who will prefer to give into fear as that will cause them lesser pain than striving to fight the fear.

I have often been in such circumstances. This has been the case more recently post my pregnancy. The sense of fear in me has been so strong that it has made a confident and bold person like me to falter, panic and lose my cool. But I have realised that in order to rise above all the fear that is overpowering me, I will have to raise my self consciousness from the slumber that it has been in. I have realised that by fearing the outcomes of a situation, I am letting the onlooker, the passerby, the enemy, the mighty,- a chance to laugh at my weakness.

Thus, I have decided to 'not give in' to my fear but 'rise above' from it. My objective of writing this post is to abreast you all readers that do not give anyone else the chance to know that you fear them or their actions. Do not fear about anything that you want to do in life. There is only one life you get. Make the most of it. Do what you know will give you the perfect joy. Do what you think will fetch you accolades. Do what you know is best for you. Rise from the ashes like a phoenix and let 'fear' fear you!

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