For teachers, we''ll remain the best!

Conversations that take place after years is often filled with memories- some good, some bad. I am going to talk about one such conversation that I had with my school teacher after almost 9 years.

It was a senior from school, who happens to be former colleague too, who messaged me on Facebook asking if I was from the very school where he studied. It turned out that he was a '91 batch pass out, while I started my journey in the same school in '92. As the conversation went along, he asked about a couple of teachers, whom I might have studied from. Of the three names, I knew two. Of those two, one teacher is no more and the other I hadn't spoken to in years.

I asked for her number from the senior. He apprised me about my teacher's present situation. She hasn't been going through the best of her times health wise. Suffering from some grave medical problem, she has been on constant dose of medicines. The drugs have not only been painful overall but have also made her suffer a lot.

I was struck with guilt and remorse. Had I been in touch with her, it wouldn't have been this senior telling me about the problem. It was my decision or rather circumstances that didn't let me meet my teachers for long. Having been away from Delhi for over four and half years saw me miss not just general alumni meets but also interactions with my most beloved teachers. So much so that I was conveyed the death of two of my dearest teachers over phone. It was pure helplessness that I felt then that made me oblivious to everything around my school.

But this conversation with a teacher after 9 years brought back so many memories and made me realise that it doesn't matter whether you are professionally successful or not, for your teacher, you will always remain the best. Talking to her and listening to her brave story of how she almost fought back death gave me a hope that if you are strong within, nothing- almost nothing- can put you down.

My teacher needs to take medication every hour to keep her away from collapsing but that hasn't deterred her from going to school and spending time with the children there. Her voice, her willpower never once sounded abysmal. She came across as an inspiration for not just her fighter spirit but also the zeal with which she has chosen to live her life. In her words, we all have just one life, why waste it worrying about how we will meet our end.

Conversation with her made me also realize the fact that we might have outgrown our school uniforms but for our teachers, we're still the batch of a particular year, which was better than the rest. When we connect with them, they feel elated and connected too. For as my teacher said, there is no longer the connection between a teacher and a student; no interactions and no fun. Every teacher misses this connection- when her students move on with their new lives, forgetting the way, those very teachers laid the foundation for such lives.

It was through this conversation that I was able to know about many other teachers, who are presently not doing well health wise. It saddened me. And, am not bluffing even one bit here. I have asked my teacher to pass me numbers of a couple of other teachers, which she said would do in a few days. I genuinely felt the urge to call everyone together and speak to them. Not because they are unwell, but because I know one phone call can make them happier and for at least a couple of minutes take them back to the good old days leaving behind their present tough situations.

When was the last time you spoke to your teacher? 

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