My stint with Kerala Chicken Curry!

Cooking is an activity that doesn't come naturally to me. Whatever I know today is because of what, well, my mother taught me. However, that doesn't stop me from drooling over the food cooked in cookery shows, posted on blogs or reviewed in groups or sites. This also therefore gives me the chance to try my culinary skills at experimenting with food. Let me share with you my experience of cooking a new recipe for chicken for the first time. Need I say more that the result was worth it. :)

Though my experimentation is mostly restricted to my comfort food such as, Pasta, Sandwiches, Omlettes or even Maggi; I do not refrain from experimenting with the meat, fish or chicken. So when this time I bought a kg of chicken from a nearby shop, I was determined to cook something different and not the same old curry.

The saying- a way to a man's heart is through his stomach - somehow doesn't go in my case. For my husband, food is secondary. It needs to be as simple and as minimalist in choices. And, when it comes to the meat/chicken, experimentation is a big No, No. So when I surfed through my friend's blog for a simple chicken recipe that was not only easy and required less preparation, I ensured that it was something different than what we ate up north. But there was an additional thing that I had to watch out for and that was to ensure I cook another plain chicken curry that my husband would devour without sniffing. It is very difficult to please his palette.

Thus, on a lazy Sunday, I got down to preparing Kerala Chicken Curry adapted from my friend's blog and a plain and less oily chicken curry adapted from my everyday chicken recipe. You can check for the recipe on her blog- here

All through the cooking, I was a little apprehensive of the taste of the curry. Tamarind, coconut milk and curry leaves together in a recipe is something I had never attempted before. With fish, it is still imaginable, adding it to chicken was nothing less than taking a risk whose pitfalls I wasn't sure of.

But to my surprise, the end result was great. The curry turned out to be an amalgamation of different flavours. Tangyness of Tamarind coupled with mild coconut milk and curry leaves was a flavour in itself. Needless to say that I am happy at my efforts.

In fact, my husband liked it too. However, the conclusion was- we are happy with the usual chicken curry that's cooked at homes and curries like Kerala Chicken Curry are meant for once in a while occasions or when someone turns up from the South of India.
This is how the cooked curry looked. Sorry for the extremely bad image.
The photo was taken from my phone camera and
I had to post this to show my friend that I tried a recipe yet again from her blog. :-D 

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