Every Dog Has It's Day!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are my personal. They may vary from people to people and be different for different circumstances. 

The joy of doing something, which you had been contemplating since long, on the very first day of a new month is pure bliss. More so, if it is something that was causing you terrible emotional and mental harassment. I resigned from an organisation where I had joined just a few months ago. It feels bad. Not because I am leaving the organisation but because I made a decision that went horribly wrong.

When you join an organisation, you place your hopes as per what you hear, see, and are told about them. But what happens when you join new and all you get to hear is everything negative about the place of work? You tend to flow with the emotions. There are however, high chances that you may want to steer away from all that is negative and strive in pushing yourself to achieve all that will fetch you good.

You make new 'friends'; you attract lot of attention because you are new; you are 'watched' at every step. 'Monitoring' is the word they use as per corporate dictionary. Unfortunately, the 'hard work' that you do goes unnoticed because all that they were busy doing was just observing your actions. How much you "give" to the management in return for what you "take" from them. It does not matter that what you seek from the management is something that is your right as an employee. Looks like that's the need of the hour. How you talk, walk, smile, laugh and NOT how you work.

Leaving everything to rest, I decided to take my own course. Quitting from an organisation is not something to be ashamed of. If the organisation is unable to understand you for the work you do, and is instead settling their unfulfilled grudges against you, then it is time for you to may be move on. I am not saying you should give up without having to explain your point. But you should know where to tow the line for those sitting above you. And, if before you drawing the line, people at the top already surpass their limits, then it is better to give them back in their own way.

Like I said in my previous post- Should You Give Into Your Fear?- don't let fear ever overpower you; similarly, never let those sitting on top overpower you. They might have the power being on top, but that does not mean they get to misuse it against their subordinates. Through your actions, you can make them realise that you are no less than them. Actions do not mean abuse, fight, argue. Make an attempt at bringing up all the good work that you do or have done; despite that, if your work is something that they are not interested in at all, it is time for you to make a move.

Everyone is an ordinary being, merely separated by the hierarchies created either by the universe or by mankind. A subordinate has as much strength as the top honchos. As they say, every dog has its day, thus, do not be disappointed if they are a level up at the moment with you. You too will have your say. Quit the job not with a sense of 'quitting' but on a high. There is a better opportunity awaiting you out there, away from the madness that you'd left behind.

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