Posts on Chennai- New Announcement

Hi All,

This post is more like an announcement to all of you. After weeks of brainstorming, I have decided (finally) that I would be writing a weekly post from the city I am currently living in. Yes, it would be about Chennai. Like it or not, the blog will be published on a weekly basis. I am yet to decide on the day, but it would mostly be either a Monday or a Friday.

You must be wondering what difference does it make? I don't think anything great but yes it could surely make you see Chennai through the eyes of an outsider settled here. But it would purely be something I like, dislike, feel, see, observe, breathe, about this city- Chennai- where I have been settled for the past four and half years. And, like I say in every (job) interview that I attend- Whether I plan to move out of this city- I do not see any signs of moving out of this city in the coming years.

When I had come down to Chennai, in October 2011, little did I know that I would end up staying here for so long. I say so because while I announced the news of moving to Chennai with a new job, everyone around me had gasped! The thought of moving to a city like Chennai from North tantamount to sentencing someone to a prison. [That is what I was made to feel] But, having lived in the city for four and half years, I would say it is definitely not sentencing to a prison. Yes, there are challenges. But every city has some!

Hence, I have decided to present you, especially my friends up North, with a view of Chennai through my eyes. The post could be about people, places, food, sound, smell, or anything else. If you have something to share with me, or you want me to talk about something in particular, you are most welcome to send your suggestions in the comment below. I will try my best to write on those topics! :)

Till then, keep waiting for blogs on Chennai- Through my Eyes! :-)

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