Thank You, Ira Singhal!

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) announced its result for the much awaited 2014 Civil Services Examination today. As I saw my Facebook news feed filled with the news headlines, I was urged to go to the site and find out if any familiar names appear. Not that I would know of anyone. The first thing that caught my eye after scrolling down the pages of the result was a name on top of the list. Left side of the list showed the rank, while next to it was written the name- 1. Ira Singhal. My first reaction- Woah! That's a girl. I was thrilled beyond words. It was not just the first rank but the next three rank holders too were girls! The top 4 positions of India's most prestigious examination were all bagged by girls.

I do not have a very long post to write this time. All I want to say to all four women candidates, who bagged the top four slots, especially Ira Singhal is that "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart. I really hope that your success should pave way for many many many such aspirations and dreams of women, who are engrossed in the four walls of their house. Let us hope that a differently-abled girl bagging the top slot of UPSC Civil Services Examination will make every women think on a "different" tangent other than the household chores.

In an interview given to a news channel, as well as reported on certain media websites, Ira Singhal wants to do something for the benefit of differently-abled people. I am sure she would. And, I am also sure that her attempts, her zeal and drive would make many other women follow suit. Having said that, I am also sure that she would face obstacles like she did after she was selected for IRS in 2010, but going by her spirit she is surely going to give everyone a run for their money.

Wish you all the best, Ira! and, Thank You for inspiring many of us !

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