An Ode to Kalam

Hard to believe that you're no longer with us, Sir
Harder to soak in
that you shall never return,
Your thoughts, your words, your dedication,
Shall always be etched in our hearts forever.

You are a motivation,
to the millions who dream to be;
You are an inspiration
for the billions who strive to be;
You were, you are, you shall always be
remembered as a gem of a person.

You might have left for
the heavenly abode,
But your views, your ideas
are still with us;
The knowledge that you imparted
to us through your actions and words
have left an indelible mark on us.

As a nation, a mere Thank You
shall not serve the purpose,
We shall promise to make
this country, your India,
Our India, a country for all;
a country that you dreamed of.

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