What Happens When You Tune Into A Hindi Radio Channel After Ages

What happens when you tune into a Hindi Radio channel after ages- in Chennai? You like all the songs, almost, being played on the channel. So what if the lyrics of those songs are simply berserk, or that the same songs are being played twice or sometimes thrice in  a day on various shows, or that you wouldn't listen to those songs unless otherwise being forced to. Yes, this is precisely what's happening with me for the past couple of weeks.

It was one Friday morning, while driving from home to my new workplace, that I stumbled upon this Radio channel. The heavy-toned Salman Khan welcomed me- "Vannakam Chennai, You're listening to 94.3 Radio One." The channel, 94.3 Radio One - 100% Bollywood, 100% Chennai has gone for an overhaul, from what it seems to me. Though the very first day I assumed that it was probably just that period of time that the channel was going to play Hindi music; I was proven wrong when while driving back from office to home, I heard some more songs- in Hindi!

It took me a couple of days to realise when like me, I saw my other friends post on FB saying how they "enjoyed" listening to "Hindi songs" on Radio. Oh yes! Chennai NOW has a Radio channel dedicated to "Hindi" or say, Bollywood songs. My joy knew no bounds. I was on top of the world, for not just a day, the feeling reverberated within for days. And, it shall stay with me for quite some time.

Are you wondering what's there to go so gaga about listening to Hindi songs on a Radio channel? I will tell you. In my past four and a half years of stay in Chennai, it has been ONLY either my Pen Drive and when Pen Drive is left at home then AIR Gold or Vivid Bharati that satiated my want of listening to Hindi songs while driving. I always wondered why the Radio in Chennai couldn't play Hindi songs when it had a fairly large population of Hindi-speaking people living here, thanks to the IT sector and otherwise. Now that one channel has finally listened to my call/prayers, I am glad and content, to a certain extent.

My only cause of concern is, going by the way they are playing songs that are either from the latest movies or songs that are simply non-sensible in lyrics, I fear that my taste of music might just take a plunge. Not just that, I fear that the image that the intellectual Carnatic music lovers have of Bollywood, it may suffer a blow because of the lyrics that our lyricists from Bollywood have been penning down in order to make the song sell!

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