Food Review: Bhatinda Xpress- Velachery, Chennai

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the urge to cook just fades away, I ended up scouting through Zomato's Delivery options in and around OMR, Chennai. After spending almost half an hour looking through menus of respective restaurants, their locations and home delivery options, I zeroed down on Velachery because that was only the area that had some decent restaurants, with a good menu overall in the offing. I was confused between two restaurants- Rock and Bhatinda Xpress- and finally, after consultation with a fellow foodie, living in Velachery and having tried almost all the restaurants in the area, I decided to order from Bhatinda Xpress.

Bhatinda Xpress claims to serve authentic Punjabi dishes. Scanning through their menu was in itself quite a task and made me hungrier as I kept going from one page to other figuring out what to order. My fellow foodie and friend had provided me the phone number of the Restaurant owner. The owner was extremely polite and courteous in taking the orders. I had ordered around 12pm. Going by the time, it seems they had just opened. The owner told me in advance that the delivery could be made only after an hour. I was very much okay with the idea of receiving the food by 1-1.30pm.

The home delivery order included- Pahari Kabab (suggested by the owner), Tandoori Jhinga, Noorani Kabab, Mutton Roganjosh (1 portion that can be shared by two people), Methi Malai Murg, a mix of Roti, Naan and Lachcha Paratha. The food was delivered sharp on time at 1.20pm. It was hot, packed decently and the aroma of all the kababs enveloped my house. I had to however wait for my husband, who arrived only around 3 pm.

Review of the food:-
a) Noorani Kabab: Boneless chicken stuffed in some marination, which seemed to me minced meat (I am not sure). They were cooked well, were tender and delicious in taste. However, it was a little spicy for out palette.
Mutton Roganjosh
Tandoori Prawns
b) Pahari Kabab: Boneless chicken marinated in- from what I understood- coriander, pudina, mint, hung curd and chillies. The marination was extremely spicy but too hard to ignore. Chicken was juicy and tender.
c) Tandoori Jhinga: Marinated Prawns charred in Tandoor. Tasted okay! I was expecting a bit more taste.
d) Mutton Rogan Josh: This was 1 portion. They serve all the main courses in three forms- 1 portion, half and full. According to the owner, 1 portion is suffice for two. Hence, I ordered for 1 portion. There were four big pieces of mutton. Mutton was tender and cooked well. However, strangely the curry was sweeter than I assume it is meant to be.
Noorani Kabab
e) Methi Malai Murg: This was definitely the BEST of the lot. Tandoori Chicken cooked in a gravy of methi and malai (cream). The combination of methi and malai was fabulous and tasted brilliant. Yes, this gravy too was a bit on the sweeter side. However, no complaints as the taste made up for everything.
Pahari Kabab
f) Roti, Naan and Lachcha Paratha: All tasted just like how they are meant to be but I was a bit disappointed to see Lachcha Paratha. Since they call themselves serving authentic Punjabi food, I expected this paratha to be on lines of what you get up North. But it seemed to me same as a normal paratha, that you get in Chennai.

Overall, the food was tasty except the spice level which could have been a little lower than what it was. However, I gave my feedback to the owner, who promised to take it up with the chef and ensure the spice level is in control and unanimous. Call that true mark of an owner? :)

The food cost us- Rs 1402 :-) Quantity sufficed us for dinner as well :-D

Will I order from them again? Yes, surely. But Methi Malai Murg will be the priority for sure!

Have you taken a ride on the Bhatinda Xpress? Try Now! :-)

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