Food Review:- Tasneem Ayub's Ammees Kitchen

This review should have been up by Wednesday. Unfortunately,  I couldn't type it out then. Not just out of lazyness but I was unable to come out of the "Biryani Coma" I was in, after eating the delicious Mutton Biryani from Tasneem Ayub's Ammees Kitchen.
Mutton Biryani

Now, Tasneem Ayub or rather Tasneem Aunty, as she is fondly known as in the Chennai food circle and otherwise, is an effervescent chef whose preparation of food comingles with her love to spread happiness in the lives of others. I had till Wednesday, July 22nd, only heard of her Biryani and read some rave reviews about it and some other delicacies that come out of her kitchen. So when the time to order some Mutton Biryani in office came up, I stumbled upon her Facebook page which showed her location as very close to where my office is currently.

It was a treat by a colleague but the suggestion for choosing the Biryani place came on me. I knew that this was the right time to try Tasneem Aunty's famous Mutton Biryani. I spoke to her over phone asking about her delivery option to my office. She willingly agreed to deliver one and a half kg of Biryani and one portion of a veg Biryani. We were a group of 9 people, of whom, 8 were Non Vegetarians and one Vegetarian.

Veg Biryani
The delivery was made promptly at 1:15pm. The aroma of Biryani was too hard to ignore and hide in the organisations lift. But we somehow managed to take the Biryani safe n sound to our team room.
The way the Biryani was packed shows how much care Tasneem aunty takes in preparing the food and ensuring that it reaches her customers safely. Further, her customer is able to enjoy the taste of Biryani to the core. For us too, she parcelled the Biryani in a pot, and sent in Paper plaes n spoons along with some bigger spoons from her kitchen for serving purpose. This was although mainly because our office is hardly a few kms away from her home and she sent her person again in the evening to collect the same.

Brinjal Curry and Raita
Now coming to Biryani.  It was by far the tastiest and best Mughlai style Biryani I ever had in the past four n half years. I have tried Hajeeras, but Tasneem Aunty's Biryani had not just the right flavours but also the right amount of ghee, masalas and other ingredients. The mutton was melt in the mouth. I do not like having Brinjal curry personally but the rest of the team liked that too and were of the opinion that they had not tasted a tastier brinjal curry ever. Even the person who had Veg Biryani, prior to eating the Biryani said would eat only 50% of the Biryani, but ended up cleaning up the whole portion- needless to say he was more than satisfied.

The team has already made plans of ordering from her again. The fact that the Biryani was perfectly cooked, well balanced in taste and served us not just in lunch but was left over for dinner as well. A kg of mutton Biryani would have been suffice for 8 of us. But we ordered 1.5kgs.

The overall cost came upto including plates n spoon- Rs2500. She was extremely sweet in waiving off the charge for a portion of the veg Biryani. :)

Will we order again? Yes indeed.

Bottomline: As Tasneem Aunty herself says that the Biryani was good because it comes filled with her love and warmth, the Biryani surely did reflect her love, passion for cooking, and serving the others with as much affection.

Aren't you hungry yet? Go Check out her FACEBOOK page now! :-)

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