Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 2- That bird on the Peepal Tree

It's that time of the year, when the entire India witnesses Autumn but our very own Madras (Chennai) has its share of monsoon. And, It's rained hell lot since yesterday. So much so that the schools were shut (same old story) and there was water everywhere (Nothing new here too).

But amidst that rainy weather, like how rains usually lighten up your mood and brighten up your day, there were several of those winged wonders huddling on the parapet, the trees, the shades (wherever they could find it) and shutting themselves from everything around. I couldn't help but stare at them and how they moved to remove that one drop of water which probably had fallen on them while they flew from one tree to the other looking for a shade from the incessant drizzle. But still they showed no sign of distress, because they believed they were in safe haven. 

Inspired by those winged wonders, who believed, is my second poem: 

That bird on the Peepal Tree

Seven 'o' clock in the morning
When every little thing moved at its own pace,
She sat there, on the Peepal tree
Next to the high rise.

She was drenched
It had rained, rained very heavily
The night before,
And the day before that night,
But She still sat there, on the Peepal tree
Next to the high rise,
And then I observed
Why She sat there.

She sat there
Be it summer, winter, autumn
or monsoon
That Peepal tree was not merely an abode
But a friend on whom she clung to 
in the harshest of weather
A friend, who was below her feet
giving her the support
That she didn't really need.

As the rains became harder and harder
She still sat on that Peepal tree
Clinging to it like a baby clings to her mother
She was determined, or so, it seemed
She believed in the firmness of the Peepal Tree
She chose to be on it rather than fly
to a safer haven
For she knew how the tree had been
a support for her all this while.

She merely sat there, on the Peepal tree
Next to the high rise,
Soon the rains disappeared
and a bright yellow sun parted the dark clouds
She flung her wings into the air
and took a leap away from the tree
For she knew she would come back again
to the Peepal tree, next to the high rise.

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