Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 3- Oh Lord, She's a Girl

Happy Children's Day to all! I know its a bit too late to wish now. But its better late than never. No? So, in my attempt to stay positive and keep calm, I am going to attempt my third poem in this post. Though the three days have been hardly anywhere close to being positive, I have at least tried being calm. It is as if no one around me likes me being positive or is it that they are jealous of me being positive? Who cares.

Since, it being Children's Day, what better theme to choose for my third poem than the children themselves.

Oh Lord, She's a girl

She gasped for breath,
Clutched the sheets, 
"Push, Push" said the doctor
She was breathing heavily
Her noise was loud and clear;

"Hold on, Hold on" said the doctor
She was waiting for it to let go
As she let it go,
A loud cry freed her 
from the labor pain,

The doctor smiled,
She faked a smile,
The doctor held her little soul 
cupped in his hands
Her smile broadened 
as she saw her little soul.

'It's a girl,' said the doctor
She was overwhelmed
As she held her little soul
She noticed her shining eyes
and forgot the pain   
she bore a few minutes ago,
The pain, she bore
for nine long months,
The pain, she had been bearing 
even before those nine long months.

Reality dawned on her,
'She's a girl,' Oh Lord, Save her,
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, they wouldn't let her live
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, Give me the strength 
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, I'll stand by her
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, She is my child 
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, She is born to live
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, She will be my light
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, She will be like a diamond in the sky
'She's a girl' Oh Lord, She will live 
And, with her, I will live.

This is the third post in the series Keep Calm and Stay Positive. 
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