Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 6- Void, left behind

There is a sense of agony in my mind
Trying to fathom the obvious
I stumble upon memories
That are not to be remembered.

Driving me through those memories
My mind wanders into another zone
Where there is no grief, no sorrow
Where there is only joy and smiles.

I think harder, plunge deeper
Deep into the zone which is unbelievable
But in vain, as there is a void
Before the zone, which takes me in.

I had dared to overlook the void
I had tried to trespass over it
But in vain, as the void was clever
It caught me off guard without a warning.

Yet I emerge out of the void
This time stronger than it imagined
And as it tried pulling me in again
I shunned it away
Like there wouldn't come another day
Like there wouldn't come another chance.

Traversing my mind's path
I see the zone which is unbelievable
I move my hand to hold onto it
Like a thin air, it holds my hand
Takes me into the zone
where there are no sorrows, only joy.

It takes me deeper and deeper
Farther away from the void
which I left behind
Never to be seen again.

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