Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 5- I am your life

I know its been long past the fifth day and I should have posted it before. But I couldn't manage earlier seriously and so I am a little later than never :)

Day 5, Poem Five:

I am your life

Life isn't about what you have
Life isn't about what you have not
Life is all about living in the moment

Life isn't about only sorrows and grief
Life isn't about only happiness and need
Life is all about coexisting

Such is your life that you seldom find time
Yet you behave like you have given all your time
Time is important, for you and for me
But don't make it look like 
yours is more important than mine.

Like you, I too am coexisting
I may not be the happiest 
I may not be the saddest 
But what I am is your companion
Longing for your belonging

I want you to hold me within
Like you hold you lover
I am your life, 
You exist because I do.

Don't chide me away
Like I am good for nothing
Keep me in your spirits 
Let yourself flow with time
I was, I am, I will be 
with you, for you
Soaking in the joys that you shall share 
In the time that you seldom find.

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