Keep Calm and Stay Positive- Day 4- Smile

I have to confess. It's a tough deal to stay positive for a day, forget an entire month. I have been thinking everyday rather putting myself in the comfort zone and trying to be as positive and as cheery as possible. However, something or the other keeps cropping up and all my penchant for staying positive goes for a toss. I fail to understand why is it so tough to be positive everyday? Why can't we keep aside the negativity and move on? Why is it that if something wrong happens with us, we keep on to it forever and ever? We simply refuse to grow up, it seems.

There's got to be something that drives us towards a positive outlook everyday. What could that be? It could be a warm hug, a gentle kiss, a cute smile, blooming flowers, so on and so forth. That's precisely what we should be looking for to have that zeal to carry on. As I write this post about being positive, my mind is playing a game with my heart. While the latter wants me to be positive, the previous has something else going on. So, for once I know whom should I follow and thus I simply smile at myself and write this post. Meanwhile... my son lies next to me and smiles and laughs and cheers me up like never before.. as if reminding me about my zeal to stay positive. :-)

The third poem is therefore about smile..something that can melt angry hearts..something that can bring you back from the turbulent past to a pretty present..something that you do not really have to search for or make an effort for.. it just comes naturally..


Make me your friend
For I don't get lost;
I cling to you 
like the bee on a flower.

I am no alien
You know me well
I am merely lost
In the tussle 
Between your mind and heart.

Don't look anywhere beyond
I am hidden right within
Just think of that moment
Which made you feel special
I will be there right where you 
had left me last.

I am no mean
I am no kind either
I am simply your shadow
That comes at your pleasure.

You find me here
You find me there
You will find me everywhere
For I spread happiness 
Like no other being does.

Try thinking about me for a while
You shall not be disappointed
Rather I 'll be there to soothe you
And shun your disappointments forever
Forget yourself, look around
And I shall be there 
Spreading joy all around.

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