There is light

I bury myself on the comforting sofa
Trying to keep the lights dim
But I realise that it's already dark
As dark as the no moon night
Now I want to keep the room lit
Brighten it up with lamps and lights
But however much I try
This light eludes me
It looks at me from a distance
Laughs an evil laugh
Speaks up just when I try to grab it
"Didn't I tell you before? Keep me with you,
I'll lighten up your world"
I argue with it to come back to me
I promise it to never let go
But it has had its share
I have plunged into the darkness,
it says
Have I really? I think
I hear a cry as I think
A cry loud enough to wake me up
From my dreams
As I open my eyes,
I see only lights
My room is lit bright
Now, I laugh an evil laugh
and say
"There is light at the end of every tunnel"

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