To Rajani Aunty, With Love

There are days when you are low. There are days when you don't know how to keep up with all the good things happening with you. Then there are days when both the high and low come together and in the end, what you get is a fulfilled day. Today is one such day for me.

I had been feeling very low since morning. Then came a lady to meet me and my son. This lady is someone I met for the first time today. Until today, we had exchanged only a few or rather quite a lot chat messages/whatsapp messages and a few phone calls after I was back in Chennai. In fact, she was the first to call me after I returned.  Isn't it strange how people you hardly know, make you feel special in their own little ways? 

This lady, I call her aunty but I would prefer to address her as 'this lady' in my blogpost for now. We accidentally became friends on Facebook. She must be in her sixties but has a heart of Twenty something. She looks old but her enthusiasm, nature, always ready to help spirit doesn't even for a minute make her feel old. She has a charisma which has made me a fan of hers from the day I have known her. I am glad that I befriended her on the social network. 

This lady made it a point to visit me despite being tied with lots of responsibilities. No, she is not just another old lady sitting idle at home, doing nothing but simply whine and nag about things she doesn't like. She is an extremely active woman, who knows her priorities well. She loves music rather is extremely passionate about it. Did I tell you she is a Rafi fan too? She loves to make money, that is, she is into stock broking and stuffs. But that doesn't make her a snobbish rich lady. She is rather a person who would stand up to help the next needy person she comes across somewhere. She is looking after a boy who is now in his tenth and had been her previous cook's son. The boy lost his parents when he was too small to have known what death was. She took him in and has been funding his education till date. The list of her helping nature is way too long to accommodate in this post. Finally, she loves fish and loves to feed others who love fish too. Thus, she brought prawns cooked for me specially during a time when they are on a strict vegetarian diet as part of some ritual that they follow. 

This lady is a Malayali but speaks impeccable Tamil, Excellent English and fluent Hindi. I have been really awestruck by her. Not just because she had been a pillar of strength when I was going through a tough time locating my father while he was stuck in Kashmir floods, But also because in her I see a lot of qualities in common with my mother. In this lady, I have certainly found a mother, in a land which is still alien to me despite being a part of it for two and a half years. She has already said that she has found a third daughter in me, I feel grateful to her. However, I feel we were destined to meet. 

I have never come across such a beautiful, humble and jolly person of her age. She is an example of how elderly should lead their lives. By calling her elderly, I do not want to make her look like those old ladies, she is definitely not an elderly by her talks and her heart. I feel so happy to have met her. 

Are you wondering why did I write an entire blogpost for her? That's because I felt extremely happy when she meesaged me at night saying she was happy to meet me and also was happy to see me enjoy parenthood. She said I was not like the neo parents of today who feel that the world has ended after they had a child. THIS is what made me happy, on a day when the entire morning I had been sulking over the fact that my life is STUCK AND I want to GIVE UP. 

To Rajani Aunty, 

Thank you so much. 

From your ardent fan! 

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